4 DIY raw Shea Butter skincare recipes

4 Raw Shea Butter Skincare Recipes

Raw shea butter is one of our favourite ultimate beauty secrets. All it takes is some simple, DIY time to bring this nourishing ingredient straight from the Earth, to meeting... Read More
LIHA Beauty Idan oil

My Ritual: Thersea, Digital Nomad

NAME: Thersea IG HANDLE: @picclinayogi BIO: Digital nomad from London, currently in Brazil. Check out my LIHA instagram takeover here CURRENT SKIN TYPE: Dry skin What are your fav LIHA product/s?  *... Read More
LIHA Raw Shea butter

Dry Skin Solutions - Raw Shea butter

We thought we would do a quick deep dive into dry skin by pulling together all you need to know, especially since the weather in the UK has been so temperamental... Read More
Body Oils vs. Body Butters

Body Oils or Body Butter : what is right for you?

Between all the body oils, body butters, whips and more out there, it can feel impossible to figure out which body moisturisers are right for you. Wouldn’t it be nice... Read More
Buy Less, Buy Well

Buy Less, Buy Well

Self care should not cause more stress. So we're all about minimising clutter - leaving room for maximising your savings, cabinet space, downtime and green practices.  That's why all our core products... Read More
LIHA Cleansing Balm

Skin-to-Skin: What African Traditions Teach Us About Facial Massage & Self Care

Traditions from African massage have much to teach us about making sure the methods and tools we use in our daily face and skincare rituals truly imbue self-love. Raw Shea... Read More
LIHA Cleansers

What's the Best Cleanser for my Skin - Balm or Mud Cleanser?

Breakfast bowl or deep cleanser? Some of our favourite ingredients in our two new cleansers could really pass for açai toppings. And they’ve both been made to renew your skin’s... Read More
5 Facial Cleansing Myths Debunked

5 Facial Cleansing Myths Debunked

Self care begins with exploring what works best for you. In that vein, the answer to whether oil-based cleansers are right for you lies between your preferences, a patch test,... Read More
African Beauty Secrets

A Brief History on Traditional African Beauty “Secrets” That the Western World Uses Today

  The rich culture of Yoruba beauty traditions has been used over centuries and has never halted in its usefulness. Long before the worldwide Eurocentric beauty standard, the beauty of... Read More
Stay Positive and Stress-Free with These Simple Tips

Stay Positive and Stress-Free with These Simple Tips

If you feel like there’s always something to worry about, you’re not alone. Stress often seems like a constant in life but there are simple ways to counter it. By... Read More