LIHA Beauty essential oils

Essential Oils Offer Natural Fragrance to Enhance the Home — and More

People have used essential oils around their homes since ancient times. Fortunately, we don’t have to harvest and press our own botanicals to create our favourite essential oils. If you’ve... Read More
LIHA Idan oil

Travelling Without Moving

It’s so tempting to keep throwing it back to sunnier times and keep counting down the days until we can travel again, but the mind is a powerful thing. Read... Read More
What is Bathscaping?


Bathscaping – where aesthetic meets purpose While taking a bath will always be more than a moment to be captured on Instagram, something is happening in the world of bathing.... Read More
Moon List Journal, Leigh Patterson.

LIHA Muse, Leigh Patterson

Last month we launched ‘Things We Love’ page on our website, it's a page dedicated to carefully curated objects that inspire moments of quiet reflection. One of the things we... Read More
Why you should trust your intuition

Why You Should Trust Your Intuition

Quieting voices so you can use your Intuition Intuition is something that we have actively been taught not to use. Like so many other internal navigation systems that are useful... Read More
Rituals of self love

Rituals of Self love - Love Yourself & Watch

“Love yourself and watch – today, tomorrow, always”.  osho There is no greater expression of love than touch, a hug from my toddler is literally the best feeling in the world. Touch... Read More
LIHA's self-care rituals

Self-Care = Self-Love

A theme for February is SELF-LOVE    It’s so much easier to speak to ourselves in a critical tone. To think about the things we haven’t done on our list,... Read More
How to fix a tunnelling candle

Candle Care 101 - How To Fix A Tunnelling Candle

As we are spending much, if not all our time in our homes, small luxuries like lighting a candle is helping turn our homes into quasi spas. The scent of... Read More
Breathing to reduce stress

We Just Need To BREATHE

2021 has already been a lot, to use an Americanism... 'it's already showing it's ass'! Some of us are done, some of us are just hanging on by a thread - we can collectively... Read More

Small Vegan Steps - Veganuary

It’s Veganuary and as I type I’m munching on nuts as opposed to my favourite digestive biscuits you would usually find well positioned on my desk. I’ve been flirting with... Read More