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Shea Butter FAQ

The history of Shea butter can be traced back as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt, with records of caravans bearing clay jars of the valuable Shea butter.⠀⠀ One of nature’s many... Read More
10mins routines with Idan oil | LIHA Beauty

10 minute Digital Detox with Idan oil

We are all in need of some peace of mind. With research showing that we consume almost 90x more information in terms of bits today than we did in 1940 and 4x more... Read More
Essential oils healing powers

The Healing Powers of Essential Oils

Being able to smell is possibly our most intuitive sense; think about those instant reactions upon smelling the bins as you walk down the street? Or perhaps someone wafts past... Read More


Our raw Shea butter is at the top of many lists for use as a base for making your own DIY products at home, as well as a myriad of... Read More
FKA Twigs Beauty Essentials

FKA Twigs Beauty Essentials

FKA TWIGS NIGHT TIME ROUTINE AND WHY IT WORKS. We were so over the moon to learn that one of our faves, FKA Twigs listed our Idan Oil as one... Read More
Orinrin balm cleanser as an after-sun | LIHA Beauty

Too much sun? Try an Orinrin mask

Why Evening Skincare Routine Is Important After Sun Exposure There certainly hasn't been a shortage of sunshine over the past few weeks.  During holiday season, going in and out of... Read More
Holiday reads - best beach reads this summer | LIHA Beauty

Holiday Reading - the best beach reads this summer

PERFECTLY TRASHY BEACH READS FOR YOUR BREAK There is something to be said for airport paperbacks at this time of year. This is the time of year that we allow... Read More
Raw Shea Butter For Eczema | LIHA Beauty

Can Raw Shea butter treat hand Eczema?

There is nothing we love more than a glowing review of our raw Shea butter, but it is always extra special when we hear from our customers about how it has... Read More
How to get glowing skin

Want Glowing Skin? Double Cleanse with Orinrin balm & Oju Omi Mud Cleanser

Our two amazing cleansers work even better as a power duo! Whether you choose to multi mask by putting Orinrin on your dry bits and Oju Omi on your T-zone/... Read More
Difference between dry and dehydrated skin

The Difference between Dry v Dehydrated Skin

With warmer days and summer heatwaves forecasted for the coming months, now is the time to start taking extra care if you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. Dry v... Read More