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Too much sun? Try an Orinrin mask

Aug 24, 2022Liha Okunniwa

Why Evening Skincare Routine Is Important After Sun Exposure

There certainly hasn't been a shortage of sunshine over the past few weeks. 

During holiday season, going in and out of the ocean, pools or even just working in the heat if you weren't lucky enough to get away (thats us! ) will all wreak havoc on your skin.

If the skin barrier dries out in the night after too much sun exposure, the epidermis can react by creating more sebum and oils to overcompensate, which sit on the skin throughout the day in the heat, leading to those pesky summer breakouts. 

Evening skincare routines are just as important in the summer months, and even though using balms and oils can feel counterintuitive they are actually super  refreshing and needed to restore a much needed balance. 


Orinrin contains Frankincense, a wonderful skin balancer that restores moisture and reduces oiliness, as well as Mango seed butter and Cacao seed butter meaning it is suitable for the most sensitive and irritable skins, and those suffering from sun damage.

Massage on at night and remove if skin is very oily or massage in and leave on overnight if you are suffering from dry skin.

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