FKA Twigs Beauty Essentials

FKA Twigs Beauty Essentials

Sep 07, 2022Abi oye


We were so over the moon to learn that one of our faves, FKA Twigs listed our Idan Oil as one of her top essentials for GQ UK!

In case you missed it here is the video: 


So why does her routine work to keep her skin soft sheeny and subtle despite a gruelling travel schedule, intense dance and pole sessions AND filming and recording?

Lets break it down:

Raw Shea butter all over first- after a bath or shower when your skin is damp it soaks in up to ten times more moisture than it would at other times. We were putting Idan oil on first before, but we are defo going to try this switch! 

As raw Shea butter is so high in Vitamins A and E, it maintains glow and skins elasticity. 

Pouring the Idan oil over after seals in all the goodness and adds a cocoon effect.

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Air drying – it is proven that air drying is best when at all possible, as using a towel can take out much needed moisture that you have just put in! Personally we like to do a little dancing in the mirror to make the process quicker! 

Cotton t shirt - Cotton is breathable and airy, perfect for these warmer months, but also wonderful for keeping moisture locked in any time of year. Synthetic fabrics tend to be treated with chemicals which can irritate the skin and have less breathability , which can lead to blocked pores. 

ADDED BONUS: Try the same thing on your feet and wear cotton socks for an overnight pedi.

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