Essential oils healing powers
Sep 17, 2022
Being able to smell is possibly our most intuitive sense; think about those instant reactions...
LIHA Cleansing Balm
Dec 19, 2021
Traditions from African massage have much to teach us about making sure the methods and tools we use in our daily face and skincare rituals truly imbue self-love.
LIHA Cleansers
Dec 14, 2021
Let’s Start with ORINRIN, the deep soothing cleanser.  When you open this balm, a tranquil infusion of scents exhales from the jar. The golden yellow butter inside melts into your skin, and kind of tugs on that instinct (especially in the winter) to dab your lips with anything velvety and soothing. 
African Beauty Secrets
Aug 09, 2021
The rich culture of Yoruba beauty traditions has been used over centuries and has never halted in its usefulness. Long before the worldwide Eurocentric beauty standard, the beauty of African women was celebrated daily. They held the secrets to their smooth skin, moisturised and intricate hairstyles, and the confidence and power of Asé. T
Stay Positive and Stress-Free with These Simple Tips
May 04, 2021
If you feel like there’s always something to worry about, you’re not alone. Stress often...
LIHA Beauty essential oils
Apr 27, 2021
People have used essential oils around their homes since ancient times. Fortunately, we don’t have...