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What's the Best Cleanser for my Skin - Balm or Mud Cleanser?

Dec 14, 2021Abi oye

Breakfast bowl or deep cleanser? Some of our favourite ingredients in our two new cleansers could really pass for açai toppings. And they’ve both been made to renew your skin’s natural balance. So how to know which blend is right for you?

By now you’ve probably heard of our two new oil-based cleansers, ORINRIN and OJU OMI. If you’re not totally clear on their differences, and how each could work for you, then keep reading. 

As part of our new R&R Recipes series, we’re giving you an ingredients-first look at how we choose what goes into every new butter, balm and oil (like ORINRIN and OJU OMI) so that they work with the balance of your skin and your routine. 

Let’s Start with ORINRIN, the deep soothing cleanser. 

When you open this balm, a tranquil infusion of scents exhales from the jar. The golden yellow butter inside melts into your skin, and kind of tugs on that instinct (especially in the winter) to dab your lips with anything velvety and soothing. 

Those scents and feelings are a blend of the balm’s three star elements:

  • Cocoa & Mango Seed Butter for fighting inflammation, and hydrating dry, rough or cracked skin.
  • Rice Bran for another wave of hydration, keeping all that moisture locked in, and for boosting the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Together they leave your skin softer and radiantly refreshed. 

OJU OMI is the gentle cleanser. A rejuvenating mud giving earthy feels. 

On your fingertips it’s a coat of candied, sticky thickness, but that doesn’t get in the way of smoothing it out over your face. 

What you’re feeling there is:

  • Molasses & Agave for serious skin brightening
  • Ximenia Oil for balancing out natural oils on drier or oilier skin, and finishing off with a plumping effect
  • Rosehip Oil  for fighting dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and softening skin

These natural sweeteners and oils work in tandem to unclog pores and re-balance tired, dull skin. 

So how to choose? Your skin and the weather can tell you. 

ORINRIN sort of melts into an oil when you put it on. So even though it has a lighter feel than OJU OMI, it’s great for trapping and wiping away layers of makeup and dirt on days when your skin needs relief from build-up. Left on over a dry, crispy day it’s a solid substitute for vaseline, and left overnight it’s a moisturizing mask.  

OJU OMI, though the thicker cleanser, really has the best touch after a no-makeup day or when your face is feeling oily. It also doubles as a quick 10-20 minute hydrating mask, and triples as a spot treatment when applied to affected areas. 

And if you happen to feel your skin would like both, you might find yourself enjoying six products packed into two to hold you over during every type of week and season.

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