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10mins routines with Idan oil | LIHA Beauty

10 minute Digital Detox with Idan oil

We are all in need of some peace of mind. With research showing that we consume almost 90x more information in terms of bits today than we did in 1940 and 4x more... Read More
What is Bathscaping?


Bathscaping – where aesthetic meets purpose While taking a bath will always be more than a moment to be captured on Instagram, something is happening in the world of bathing.... Read More
Idan oil in hand

The Essence of Idan Oil

What it means Idan is the Yoruba word for magic, and that’s exactly how LIHA Beauty sees this hero product. Founders Abi and Liha loved the idea of creating a... Read More
5 Tips for slow living

SLOW LIVING - 5 Tips To Help You Slow Down

For those of us lucky enough to be stuck at home during lock-down, one thing we are certainly not short on is time. If you didn’t think time was a... Read More