What is Bathscaping?


Mar 06, 2021Abi oye

Bathscaping – where aesthetic meets purpose

While taking a bath will always be more than a moment to be captured on Instagram, something is happening in the world of bathing. After months of lockdown stress, the bathroom has become a haven from the day’s events, as influencers and innovators encourage us to see it as a hub for selfcare. Here Charisse Kenion discusses the positives of bathing and how to maximise your time in the bath.

Why we bathe

Bathing has a long and complex history; while it’s known as something we do for personal hygiene, for centuries we have bathed in hot springs and icy cold waters to harness the numerous beneficial health effects. As well as helping us breathe more easily, the simple act of submerging our bodies in water can instantly calm the nervous system and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. So, it’s no wonder that even former non-bathers have started indulging in bath-time throughout the pandemic.

What’s the difference

Anyone who prefers a shower to a bath often has speed at the forefront of their needs. Showers are ready with just the flick of a dial and can go from lukewarm to hot in seconds. There’s an instant gratification and a desire to ‘get in and out’ and get on with the day. Baths are the exact opposite; the mere concept of running the bath means that there is an element of waiting involved; you have no choice but to slow down. It’s during that time that you can assemble all you need to make the most of this moment.

What’s your vibe?

While showers are a quick fix, baths offer up a plethora of options; it could be a moment for healing, time for a 10-step skincare regime... So, it’s important to ask yourself: are you trying to create an aura of romance, for your partner or just for you? Are you trying to clear your mind? When it’s done well, bathscaping is about style and function. There’s no point having all the plants and flowers in the bathroom to help oxygenate it and make it pretty, if you can barely make it into the bath itself.

Think about your go-to skincare products; what do you like to use while you’re in the bath? What do you reach for the minute you step out of the water? (We like to slather on our Idan Oil to seal in moisture.) These are the bits and pieces that you want to have nearby so think about some sleek storage that works with your aesthetic and can be fitted above or next to the bath, or try a bath tray. And don’t forget some comfy slippers or non-slippy flip-flops. There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a warm bath and then having to walk across a cold floor to find your favourite body lotion in the cavernous bathroom cupboard.

Finally, whatever your style, try and keep it minimal. Have your pops of colour or boho trinkets, but don’t go overboard. You want to step into a zone of comfort and not spend the first five minutes rearranging the space.

Make the most of it

So, you’re in the bath; this is your time and for the next five, 10 or 30 minutes, use it as you please. For some this is a great time to set intentions for the following day – you might write a list down on paper or just get your tasks clear in your mind.

For others, this is the perfect moment for quiet gratitude, and it could be the tiniest thing; perhaps the baby took an extra nap today that allowed you to watch an episode of Behind Her Eyes, or perhaps the barista at the coffee shop smiled at you. Perhaps it was a bigger win – the concept of gratitude is just feeling that abundance in the goodness of the day.

But it doesn’t have to be about quiet time; you could blast your favourite disco tunes and shake off the week. You could grab a book – or a cocktail – or call that friend you haven’t caught up with in a while.

Some people even find that spending time in the bath ends up with them having their best ideas – it’s all about taking time out that is solely for you.

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