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My Ritual: Thersea, Digital Nomad

Jul 07, 2022Abi oye

NAME: Thersea

IG HANDLE: @picclinayogi

BIO: Digital nomad from London, currently in Brazil. Check out my LIHA instagram takeover here


What are your fav LIHA product/s? 

* Idan oil without a doubt!  As someone constantly on the move, I love how multi purpose it serves when I need to limit the products I can carry around. I can use it as a body moisturizer , on my braids and as a makeup remover .

How do you incorporate product/s in your wellness/skincare routine? 

* I approach my skincare routine as a daily self care ritual . I dedicate some moments during the day to this . Recently I have been using the Orinrin cleansing balm to double cleanse in my evening routine along side with gua sha. I use it in two steps, one to remove my makeup and then as a base before using my gua sha to give myself a facial massage. This has been really beneficial in releasing the tension I hold in my facial muscles.

 Have LIHA products helped improve any skin concerns you have?

*  I experience extreme dry skin in cold weather. Over the years I have used countless of products trying to find a solution . The only thing that has worked is  applying a light water based moisturizer then my LIHA raw Shea butter to seal in moisture .

Any tips + tricks when using any of the products?

* A tip for those that wear protective styles and want to do water related activities, Using Idan oil before getting into water helps to create a protective barrier so your style will be left looking shiner for longer.

What are your wellness rituals?

* I believe that in order for my wellness rituals to be truly affective I have to allow myself to deal with the ebbs and flows of life. I allow myself times of rest and see moments of a lower energy as a time to recharge. A time of recharging for me can include doing my skincare, taking a slower paced fitness class, meditation or calling a friend or family.

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