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Dry Skin Solutions - Raw Shea butter

Jul 05, 2022Abi oye

We thought we would do a quick deep dive into dry skin by pulling together all you need to know, especially since the weather in the UK has been so temperamental as I'm sure it is in lots of other countries.

Why is my skin dry?

Dry skin is often referred to as a ‘type’ of skin as opposed to dehydrated skin which is considered to be a skin condition and can affect all skin ‘types’.

Dryness is often due to a lack of natural oils and lipids (fat-like molecules) or sebum in the skin, dryness can vary from person to person and depend heavily on external factors, such as environmental stressors, increased use of indoor heating, decrease in humidity which results in your skin drying out faster, and even things like hot showers. 

Dry skin in particular often will be flaky, sore, and sometimes display patches of redness.

Ok great, but what can I do about it?

For cases of dry skin, moisturisers like our Raw Shea butter are amazing for treatment formulas. Shea butter is an occlusive as well as nourishing your skin it acts like a protective layer repelling water and preventing the water that’s in your skin from evaporating and escaping into the air which makes it perfect for helping combat dryness

As well our skin nourishing raw Shea butter, another product that we formulated with dry and sensitive skin in mind is our Orinrin cleansing balm. Orinrin cleansing balm is the perfect combination of oils and butters, like mango and cocoa butter, and rice bran oil to remove the day's grime and dirt as well as makeup and SPF, while working to restore the skin’s natural barrier without stripping its natural oils, leaving skin hydrated and soft long after cleansing.

This makes this buttery cleanser the perfect to-go for dry and sensitive skin types.

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