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Grainy Raw Shea Butter: The Science and How to Fix it

Why Is My Shea Butter Grainy? Here is How It!

The tiny grains in your raw Shea butter are actually individual parts or molecules that solidified at a faster rate than the rest. The beauty of natural skin care is its freedom from synthetic ingredients.

The Science Behind Grainy Raw Shea Butter

The grainy texture in raw Shea butter is a result of the natural composition and behaviour of the fatty acids it contains, including stearic and oleic acid. Depending on temperature changes and storage conditions, these fatty acids can solidify at different rates. When Shea butter is exposed to fluctuating temperatures or stored for a long time, the fats can separate and solidify at varying rates, resulting in a grainy texture. Additionally, Shea butter can undergo a process called polymorphism, where the fats rearrange themselves into different crystalline structures depending on temperature and pressure, further contributing to the grainy texture in Shea butter.

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It's important to note that the graininess in raw Shea butter does not affect its quality or effectiveness for skin care. It is a natural occurrence and does not indicate spoilage or contamination.

How to Fix Graininess

To fix grainy Shea butter, gently melt it using a double boiler or a microwave in short bursts, stirring occasionally until it melts. Then, allow it to cool down slowly at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If you are adding other ingredients to the raw Shea butter, such as coconut oil, melt all the ingredients together, let it cool in the fridge but ensure it's not entirely solid, then whip it using a hand mixer or a whisk until it becomes smooth and creamy.

For our whipped Shea butter recipe, follow our Shea whip recipe here.

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