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Can Raw Shea butter treat hand Eczema?

Aug 09, 2022Liha Okunniwa

There is nothing we love more than a glowing review of our raw Shea butter, but it is always extra special when we hear from our customers about how it has helped them on their eczema journey.

Everyone's journey is very different, and often working from the inside out can help. In the midst of flare ups, foods that can help with eczema include vegetables and fruits that are high in inflammation-fighting flavonoids: Apples, broccoli, cherries, blueberries, spinach, and kale. Flavonoids have been found to help improve the overall health skin and can reduce inflammation. 

When it comes to topical treatments, there are SO many to choose from but a question we often get asked is ' Can your raw shea butter help with my eczema?' 

Our answer is it is always best to try for yourself and see how you get on before you jump in with a large size ( its lasts a VERY long time, as a little bit goes a long way)- you can sample our 15ml Shea butter HERE. 

Super Rich in Vitamins A, E and F Shea butter is an all natural treatment for eczema that can help to reduce flare ups, minimise scarring and give relief from itchy, skin. Hard to believe it is just one ingredient! The contents of the Shea nut! You can read more about how Shea butter is made HERE.

Here's what some of our customers have said about Shea Butter and Eczema: 

"Eczema Hero

This wonderful shea butter has helped heal a bad bout of eczema on my hands caused by high frequency hand washing. It’s now my go-to hand moisturiser".- Arwen


What a lovely product, so creamy. Fantastic on dry skin, and I suffer with eczema, and it has helped stop the itching. Another great product from you". - Dawn

"Amazing quality Shea butter

Shea butter is my go-to remedy for eczema, especially in the summer months. This shea butter not only offers amazing moisturizing qualities but feels luxurious! It's like I'm covering myself in a little bit of gold every time I put it on which is exactly what you need as a treat-yourself kinda product. Thank you"! -Anita DP

"No joke: overall amazeballs!

This is exactly what my skin (and mind) needed, I often get eczema and struggle with dry skin, especially on my legs and this product has been so soothing. The shea butter is as raw as it gets, no fragrance and I was able to use on my face, which I never thought would be possible without flaring my dermatitis or getting blemishes, but again - made my skin look great". - Lori 

If you suffer with Eczema try our raw shea butter for yourselves and let us know how you get on!  

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