Body Oils vs. Body Butters

Body Oils or Body Butter : what is right for you?

Jun 17, 2022Abi oye

Between all the body oils, body butters, whips and more out there, it can feel impossible to figure out which body moisturisers are right for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just test out everything, for free at home? If only. 

Until then, what we can do is break down the differences between two of our bodycare heroes – our Idan Oil and our Ivory and Gold raw Shea Butters. Highlighting the special, unique healing each one adds to our collection, and the self care solutions that they all share. 

Body oils

Natural body oils are the pure extracts of nature’s most nutritious crops. When sourced and stored properly, they can live a long shelf life without preservative chemicals. And they have fatty acids that often match the healthy, protective oils our skin naturally makes. So, depending on your skin type, the right oil should melt right in. 

That’s what makes them a lightweight, clean option for nourishing summertime skincare. And it’s part of the reason why the biggest fans of our Idan Oil have nicknamed it ‘summer in a bottle’. 

The star ingredient in our bottle of sunshine is coconut oil, which is known for its ultra-powerful hold on moisture and antibacterial properties. 

It’s a great option if you’re looking for: 

  • A lightweight, moisture-locking layer that sinks right into your skin 
  • Balancing your skin’s natural oils & protective barrier 
  • A ready-to-go massage aid 
  • A solid perfume – *thanks to the tuberose we’ve added in for its calming yet powerful summery scent 

Body butters

Natural body butters are the way to go if you need a heavier hand to help hold onto moisture. They’re usually made from the blended parts of a plant like shea or cocoa, alongside a mixture of natural oils. Which means that, like oils, they’re packed with rejuvenating nutrients and protective fatty acids. 

But, unlike oils, the extra ingredients provide an extra layer of coverage that takes longer to sink into the skin. Which is what makes body butters a long-lasting option for intensely dry weather. 

Raw Shea butter is the heart of our Ivory and Gold butters, and the source of their deep healing and moisturising properties. The difference? Originating from Ghana, our raw Ivory Shea is lighter in texture and colour, with a nutty, vanilla and honey-like fragrance. Meanwhile our raw Gold Shea has a waxier texture, giving it more moisturising power than Ivory. And it borrows its natural scent from the earthiness of clean soil.

These butters are made for you if you need:

  • Help with very dry or deeply cracked skin
  • Long-lasting coverage in dry weather 
  • A gentle touch for eczema-prone, sensitivities, baby and nappy care – *as our butters are fragrance-free


Sharing plant-based origins means that body oils and body butters also share some central benefits as well. They’re both versatile options for: 

  • Skinimalists, product-lovers and everyone in between 
  • Locking in post-shower moisture – *making sure your skin is hydrated first is the key to unlocking the moisturising powers of oils and butters
  • Multi-use beauty, including hair treatments and DIY beauty

So, which one’s for you? Are you a Shea Sis or an Idan Idoliser?

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