Why you should trust your intuition

Why You Should Trust Your Intuition

Feb 18, 2021Abi oye

Quieting voices so you can use your Intuition

Intuition is something that we have actively been taught not to use. Like so many other internal navigation systems that are useful to us but we've been forced to mistrust and have unlearned since childhood - intuition is key to finding your own pace and peace.

We are taught to not listen to our own impulses and desires so as to better fit into societal notions of what is deemed ‘acceptable’ and ‘successful’. Following your gut is often seen as impulsive and not sensible.

Practice listening to your gut and wherever possible not doing the things that you don’t want to do, or do them at a time that feels bearable to you.

Three Tips for Making your Inner Voice Louder and Trusting It

  1. Think of all the times you listened to yourself and it worked out in your favour.
  1. Practice affirmations and have communion with yourself, whether through bath ritual, mirror work or self massage/ pleasure. Know yourself, know your body and react to what it is asking of you.
  1. Put strong boundaries in place. Once you are feeling more confident, honour your own pace and put your own intuition first. Whether that is taking a mental health day, saying no to a task you don’t want to do, or not taking a call and not feeling guilty about it, be easier on yourself and trust the process.

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