Rituals of self love

Rituals of Self love - Love Yourself & Watch

Feb 12, 2021Abi oye

“Love yourself and watch – todaytomorrow, always”.  osho

There is no greater expression of love than touch, a hug from my toddler is literally the best feeling in the world. Touch is linked to healing, it is said to be the most important of all the senses - it helps nurture feelings of trust and connectedness as well as reducing the stress hormone, cortisol.

Twenty seconds of affectionate touching - hugging, back rubs, gentle stroking - is enough to trigger the release of oxytocin, it’s the hormone responsible for regulating positive moods and making us feel happy.

It’s such a weird feeling not being able to do what comes so innately to us; I saw a friend in the park the other day, our first reaction was to go in for a hug but we immediately retreated. In these unusual times of social distancing, and in some cases self-isolation, many of us find ourselves unable to connect in the most natural and simple of ways; that is, to connect to others with physical affection - a simple touch when words are no longer enough or even necessary. It got me thinking, is there an alternative way to receive the feeling of affection, of love with ourselves?

The answer is yes! While there is no replacing another human’s touch, there is room for self-exploration in the form of self-massage to create a deeper connection with oneself, as well as appreciation and self-love of our bodies.

Rituals of Self-Love;
 Similar to Christian baptisms, in many West African cultures, anointing yourself from head to toe with warm oil is believed to restore balance and rebirth. As well as removing toxins, cleansing and moisturising our skin, it is said to bring deep relaxation and peace, and a feeling of saturating oneself with love.

 Try 10 minutes of this meditative self-massage technique using our Idan oil. Start by placing the Idan oil in a bowl of very warm water to warm it up, find a quiet space and use the oil to massage from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes… saturate yourself with love!

  •  Starting with your head, pour the Idan oil on the crown of your head and using your fingers, massage your scalp like you would when washing your hair – you can start with small circular motions and continue with bigger motions to move your scalp around your skull.
  •  You can also find pressure points by pressing your thumbs into your temples with tiny circular motions and at the base of your skull where your head and neck meet. Find the pressure that works for you. 

Facial Massage:

Giving myself a facial massage is one of my favourite things to do. I discovered French facialist, Sophie Cabonari, in the summer and I love her evening facial tutorial on Instagram – try this as a wind-down in the evening and it will certainly take you to a state of bliss. Click to watch the tutorial.

Body Stroking & Self-Hug:

Body stroking and self-hugs relax your muscles, relieve tension in the body and soothe your nervous system. Wrap your arms around yourself, crossing them across your chest and slowly stroke up and down your arms and shoulders for 20-30 secs. It’s recommended to repeat your hug several times while alternating which arm is on top each time, taking intentional, loving breaths during the duration of the hugs.

If you do this as part of a self-soothing practice, the brain starts simulating the same effects as if someone you care for is actually hugging you.

Image by Fama

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