Breathing to reduce stress

We Just Need To BREATHE

Jan 18, 2021Abi oye

2021 has already been a lot, to use an Americanism... 'it's already showing it's ass'! Some of us are done, some of us are just hanging on by a thread - we can collectively agree we've had enough.   

One of the coping mechanisms I'm using when I feel overwhelmed or just stressed out is to breathe. It sounds like a no brainer, but how many of us are consciously taking breaths? Deep, meaningful breaths?

I'm one of those people who is always in her head, constantly analysing, constantly having that inner dialogue and not all of it is positive. So when I want to turn that noise off, I spend 5 mins taking conscious, deep breaths -  inhaling positivity and exhaling all the other crap as it doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast!

You will be surprised how conscious breathing can clear out all the haziness and negative talk rattling around your head.

Here is a little exercise to help.

Some things and rituals that are helping Liha and I get through this third or is it fourth lockdown?

Liha -

- Phoebe Lovatt’s Public Library weekly newsletter - a wonderful curation of culture, corners of the internet you never knew existed and the best reading lists - ://

- Radio.Garden - My daughter and I spent a lot of time over the first lockdown on the little flat roof of our cottage in bikinis listening to radio from the Caribbean and pretending we were on a beach. We aren't in bikinis anymore or even on our roof but we would still recommend Rythmo 106 in the DR for the best jams.

- Smile Makers Tennis Coach. I was strong enough to curve every thirsty ex text of 2020 so I treated myself to this little guy for my 41st Birthday.

Abi -

- My body shop oil burner, I got this during the first lockdown and I’m obsessed, you will usually find my flat wafting of a combo of geranium, rose essential oil, or just a generally a mix of residue of oils…it’s literally the first thing I do in the morning.

- My morning hasn’t really started if I don’t put on Abraham Hicks either her 'A Morning Meditation' or 'Relationship Meditation'. I tend to have it in the background while I go through some movement exercises or 10mins meditation if the kid will let me.

- I love me a podcast, my favourites at the moments are 'The receipts podcast', 'How I built this', 'On purpose with Jay Shetty', 'The knowledge project', 'Say your mind' by Kelechi Okafor, 'Cool moms' by Elise Peterson... I could go on. I'm always looking for new podcasts so drop me a line if you have any recommends.

- Anyone on Club House? I've listened to some fascinating talks recently. I find it weirdly relaxing after i've put the kid to bed and i get some me time.



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