The May LIHA Letter

The May LIHA Letter

May 13, 2024Abi oye
Blessed Beltane! It doesn’t feel like the beginning of Summer, but here we are! 
There are still new shoots, fresh vibes new adventures to discover, or as a someone recently said in a beautifully succinct toast: “ To New friends and New ends!”
Heres what we are loving this month:

DoingTarun Nayar Modern Biology Field Trip – If you’ve seen this guy on Instagram or TikTok you will know how wonderful his field trips are! He has developed technology that can actually translate the sounds of flora, fauna and mushrooms which can then be played back in nature over headphones after you have foraged.  We are headed to Bristol this weekend but he has dates throughout Europe this summer.
EatingFarmer J Field Trays - The perfect food for this time of year. We are super late to discovering this one (as a rule we never stand in line for anything) Totally worth the wait. A field tray with Harissa Chicken, grains and a peach Trip CBD drink is a top tier lunch that balances energy and calm for those workdays when you need a little something extra.
ShoppingMayfair Pharmacy – A delightful little pharmacy on Curzon street in the heart of old Mayfair with a wonderful carefully curated selection of products from around the world, including the phenomenal Biafine original formulation. Immaculate, engrossing and spotless, set aside some time to browse properly! 
Listening: The Yusef Dayes Experience Live in Malibu - Absolutely stunning set both visually and sonically, filmed with a glorious Malibu sunset as the backdrop- perfect to feel those summer vibes even if we have grey skies! The cover of the legendary Portrait of Tracey is a beautiful tribute to Jaco Pastorius’ deliciously short, genre bending evergreen soundscape
WatchingCatching Fire, The Story of Anita Pallenberg - Just going in cold for this one with not too much googling just looking forward to some nostalgic discovery and a quiet lone afternoon cinema trip. All we know is she was a muse to Fellini, Warhol and the Rolling Stones, so looking forward to learning more about who she was as a woman and  the inevitable ensuing of fantasies being an It Girl in a golden age of Pop Culture. And of course, the Fashion.
We want to know what you've been enjoying and what your recommendations are too, hit reply and let us know!
With love,
Liha and Abi

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