The LIHA Letter

The LIHA Letter

Mar 03, 2024Abi oye
The days are slowly but surely getting longer and the sweet smell of blossom is faintly in the air. We are still wanting some winter comforts, and enjoying long evening baths, but also allowing ideas of sun and carefree evenings to start to materialise. Here’s what we are loving at the moment.

EATING: We've been loving Wood & Water. Their food is so irresistible that we couldn't resist going back twice in two weeks! With a modern take on Caribbean comfort cuisine, it's sure to satisfy. Despite the small plate menu designed for sharing, we over-ordered both times... that's how good the food is, we wanted to try everything! And let's not forget their cocktail menu, which deserves a perfect 10!

READING: Edge of Here by Kelechi Okafor - A stunning debut collection of short stories that intertwine Black Womanhood with a future that seems both near and distant. Not quite dystopian but something close, and the perfect balance of dark and light for this time of year.

LISTENING: Khruangbin – A phenomenal blend of world music influences, classic soul, dub, rock and psychedelia, this Houston-Texas trio is just the uplifting get to it vibes needed for an early spring. Not sure how it took us so long to discover them, but now we have we are officially obsessed! 

DOING: The Balloon Museum - A  true blockbuster and crowd pleaser and with good reason - the award-winning exhibition has already run in New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Naples, welcoming more than three million visitors across the globe, and even featuring in Netflix hit Emily in Paris. Visitors to the vast 78,000 square feet space are immersed in a multisensory journey through over-the-top, oversized, and unexpected immersive installations. 
WATCHING: The Colour Purple - Anyone who knows us knows we're not a fan of musicals; we don't usually enjoy people bursting into songs. However, we loved Steven Spielberg's 1980s adaptation of Alice Walker's book, The Colour Purple. If you haven't read the book, we would encourage you to add it to your reading list. The musical version is out now, and we plan to watch it this weekend, firstly because we love both the original film and book, but also because one of our favourite singers, Fantasia Barrino, stars in it. Has anyone watched it yet?
HAPPENING NOW: Abi is going to be doing a talk for International Women's Day, at The Table Café in Battersea. Surrounded by other female entrepreneurs, the ladies are going to be speaking about womanhood and business, and everything that comes with it. Plus, if you grab a ticket, you'll get a very generous gift-bag on the day. Grab your spot now!
FOR YOU:  We're giving you a FREE travel beauté bag, made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which is woven into a polyester fabric, with every order over £50.00. Also, we have free shipping on UK orders over £45.00 and US over $65.00.

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