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Shea Butter FAQ | LIHA Beauty

Shea Butter FAQ

The history of Shea butter can be traced back as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt, with records of caravans bearing clay jars of the valuable Shea butter.⠀⠀ One of nature’s many... Read More
Raw Shea Butter For Eczema | LIHA Beauty

Can Raw Shea butter treat hand Eczema?

There is nothing we love more than a glowing review of our raw Shea butter, but it is always extra special when we hear from our customers about how it has... Read More
Difference between dry and dehydrated skin

The Difference between Dry v Dehydrated Skin

With warmer days and summer heatwaves forecasted for the coming months, now is the time to start taking extra care if you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. Dry v... Read More
LIHA Raw Shea butter

Dry Skin Solutions - Raw Shea butter

We thought we would do a quick deep dive into dry skin by pulling together all you need to know, especially since the weather in the UK has been so temperamental... Read More
The benefits of Raw Shea butter

What are the benefits of raw Shea butter?

Raw Shea butter. You’ve definitely heard of it, seen it or used it in some capacity or another. One of nature’s many gifts to skincare humanity is the deeply moisturising,... Read More