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African Beauty Secrets

A Brief History on Traditional African Beauty “Secrets” That the Western World Uses Today

  The rich culture of Yoruba beauty traditions has been used over centuries and has never halted in its usefulness. Long before the worldwide Eurocentric beauty standard, the beauty of... Read More
solange knowles -Nothing without intention

Living with Purpose

 Finding one’s purpose in life is said to be the Holy Grail, but lately, there’s a new take on things; putting pressure on ourselves to ‘find’ that purpose can often... Read More
Idan oil in hand

The Essence of Idan Oil

What it means Idan is the Yoruba word for magic, and that’s exactly how LIHA Beauty sees this hero product. Founders Abi and Liha loved the idea of creating a... Read More
"Keep It Cute" Combinations - Best Friend Gift Guide

"Keep It Cute" Combinations - Best Friend Gift Guide

We've created our "Keep It Cute" bundles especially for you this festive season. Each bundle has been carefully curated for a specific purpose and offers fantastic value for money on two LIHA products. All... Read More