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Queen Idia - why we dedicated our candle to her

A Cult Favourite

Queen Idia was the mother of the Oba (King) of the Edo people. She was renowned for her political wit, Queen Idia helped her son claim military victory over the Benin throne. As a reward, she was crowned Iyoba (Queen Mother) – the first Iyoba in a long line of successors that still runs strong today.

A Healing Powerhouse

Immortalised in an ivory mask and commemorative bronze head held in the British Museum, Queen Idia is credited with using spiritual, medicinal knowledge to lead her son's troops to many victories.This brought an era of security and peace that paved the way for the Kingdom of Benin to expand and flourish. Legend says two incisions on her forehead were the source of her metaphysical power.

Queen Idia

We featured Queen Idia on our cult candle because we wanted to pay tribute to the pre-colonial matriarchal societies that are often dismissed as myths by academics and by the patriarchal societies which have since replaced them.

Queen Idia, African Moss Candle

Queen Idia candle | LIHA Beauty

Our Queen Idia candle is made from clean burning sustainable coconut wax blend with base notes of Geranium and Frankincense, top notes of Lavender and hibiscus invoking the fragrance of soft African Moss.

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