5 Facial Cleansing Myths Debunked

5 Facial Cleansing Myths Debunked

Nov 18, 2021Abi oye

Self care begins with exploring what works best for you. In that vein, the answer to whether oil-based cleansers are right for you lies between your preferences, a patch test, and a bit of good information. And yes, that applies whether your skin type is oily, dry or in between. 

As we sampled our way through ingredients, blends and test-runs for our two new cleansers, ORINRIN Cleansing Balm and OJU OMI Mud Cleanser, we found ourselves challenging some pretty common beliefs around using oils for purification. 

We learned a lot from listening to our skin. Beginning with understanding why oils can be used as cleansers in the first place, it turns out oil-based cleansers can be a good match for a wide range of skin types and routines. 

Myth #1: Oils clog, not cleanse.

Fact #1: Oils can be a great option for a gentle, balancing cleanse. 

Rather than add to build-up, oils can dissolve other oils, as well as lift and trap dead skin, dirt and makeup. Think of it as a pre-packager that gently bundles and delivers everything you want to wipe off your face. 

The best part is that oil cleansers shouldn’t agitate or strip away your skin’s own natural layer of protection from bacteria, irritants and dryness (the acid mantle). Instead, oils like the ximenia and marula oils in our OJU OMI Mud Cleanser leave behind a balanced, soft and plumped finish. 

Myth #2: People with oily skin should avoid oil-based and moisturizing cleansers.
Fact #2: All skin needs hydration, and there are hydrating oils that suit routines for cleansing oily skin. 

Many people who are prone to oiliness and clogged pores tend to get directed towards harsh cleansers. But those can strip away too much, including natural oils that your skin needs to stay healthy (remember that acid mantle?).

Regularly stripping away oiliness might feel tempting. But, if done too harshly, not only can that leave skin more vulnerable to the bacteria that cause breakouts - it can also lead your skin to produce more of the oils you were trying to get rid of in the first place. 

So if you have oily skin, it helps to look for formulas that prioritize the balance between deep cleansing and hydration. We added rice bran into our deep purifying ORINRIN Balm Cleanser because of its ability to help skin retain its natural moisture during more serious cleansing sessions. 

Myth #3: Sensitive dry skin should only be touched with water, not cleansers.

Fact #3: The right cleanser can actually soothe sensitive skin and help achieve balance.

We understand the temptation to believe this myth too, but try to resist and give your skin the chance to tell you itself. 

Dry and sensitive skin picks up dirt, makeup and dead skin, just like other skin types. Water alone is not enough for a real refresh. Once again, formula is key in finding the right oil-based cleanser. 

Besides gentle yet super-hydrating elements, keep an eye out for soothing and restorative ingredients like rosehip - another one of the elements we’ve blended into our OJU OMI Mud Cleanser. Across continents and time, this oil has been used to fight inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, and even conditions like eczema with a softening touch.

Myth #4: For a real cleanse, you need intense tingly scrubs that leave a crisp finish.

Fact #4: Your daily cleanser should leave your skin feeling moisturized and balanced, definitely not tingly or crisp.

Do you feel happy or comfortable when your skin, on any part of your body, is crispy and tight? No? Well it’s safe to assume that your face doesn’t either.

Though deep cleansing was a priority in how we formulated ORINRIN Balm Cleanser, we made hydration an equal focus - mixing in almond oil to reduce puffiness and maximising moisture to combat dryness. Because the last thing you need after a hectic week or removing a full face of makeup is to find your face inflamed or irritated from over-stripping.

Myth #5: A consistent routine is a must for preventing skin issues.

Fact #5: Sometimes you need to change up your cleansers based on life, and what your skin says it needs. 

It’s true that skin fares best with consistent check-ins and routines. But there’s no harm in having staples to rotate between the fluctuations of daily life, the weather and your skin’s needs. 

That’s when it helps to have a duo like ORINRIN Balm Cleanser and OJU OMI Mud Cleanser. Beyond washing up, both of our cleansers are made to be used for deep treatments and overnight masks. ORINRIN offers deep relief as a moisturizing balm, or when you need to remove buildup and makeup, particularly on dry crispy days. And OJU OMI is there when you need a spot treatment or a light cleanse after a no-makeup but oilier day.

Oil-based cleansers can be a great option for anyone, with any skin type. Ultimately, finding the right one comes down to knowing which oils and complimentary ingredients to look out for, and being in touch with your skin. 

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