How to use --- LUXURY LAYERS SET

To liquefy Idan oil, place it under warm/hot running water or in your shower. After bathing or showering, apply it to damp skin, massaging it all over the body. Then, layer it with Ivory Shea butter for an intensely moisturised and glowing silky finish.


Liha's Tip:

An amazing ritual is to take a warm shower or bath and melt the Idan oil in the warm water. Enjoy the warming aphrodisiac qualities of the Tuberose as you massage into clean, damp skin from head to toe. (Skin absorbs moisture when it is not fully dry)

When skin is dry, take a small scoop of raw Shea Butter and massage into problem areas like feet, cracked heels, elbows and knees. Wrap yourself in a fluffy robe and some cotton socks, and you will wake up feeling brand new. Repeat weekly.