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For a limited time only treat yourself to both of our brand new cleansers. Perfect for all your skin moods, use the Oju Omi when you are feeling oilier and in need of a deep cleanse and the Orinrin for an instant hit of moisture, whether its a facial massage or an overnight mask.

Perfect for creating a cosy winter skin-care routine as the nights close in.


From the Yoruba meaning moisture, Orinrin cleansing balm is packed full of skin soothing ingredients ideal for a deep cleanse or indulgent facial massage. Cocoa and mango seed butter are anti-inflammatory and loaded with fatty acids to hydrate dry, rough, and cracked skin. 

Rice bran is a rich, natural oil that hydrates skin and helps retain moisture. It boosts the skin's natural regeneration process, nourishes skin cells with antioxidants vitamin B and E. The natural presence of highly moisturising and easily absorbing ingredient, squalene, a protective and conditioning substance helps to protect the skin's barrier resulting in softer, smoother skin as well as a fresh and radiant glow.

Orinrin cleansing balm is perfect as a daily cleanser, especially for anyone with combination skin or dry skin. For those of you who like to double cleanse, it can be used as the first step in your regime removing the days' buildup, melting away makeup, impurities, and daily pollutants.

How To Use: Use as part of your wind-down ritual to remove the days’ build up. Apply a layer with the compostable spatula supplied. Massage into the skin using circular motions to melt away residue and deeply cleanse. Rinse well with a warm cloth or flannel or, leave overnight for a moisturising mask.



A natural gentle and restorative hydrating vegan facial cleansing experience.

Rejuvenating, Brightening Mud Cleanser

3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Mud, Mask and Spot Treatment

Oju Omi is a naturally restorative hydrating facial cleanser, unclogging pores and re-balancing tired and dull skin. Naturally occurring lactic acid in Molasses coupled with Agave syrup, offer serious skin brightening qualities. The fatty acids in Ximenia oil will help improve sebaceous issues and have a plumping effect while the rosehip oil aids the fight of hyperpigmentation and softens skin.

Includes a compostable spatula that decomposes in general waste.

How To Use: Massage into a damp face to produce an instant milky lather that cleanses and rejuvenates skin or use as a mask treatment to achieve a deep glow by leaving on the skin for around 20 minutes.

With its rebalancing and purifying properties, OJU OMI Cleansing Mud can also be applied as a spot treatment by applying directly to the affected area and leaving overnight to calm and soothe.

Rinse thoroughly with a warm cloth or flannel.

Use daily. Suitable for all skin types. 

Includes a compostable spatula that decomposes in general waste.



Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Kate Cooper
A well deserved 5 stars once again

The Orinrin cleansing balm and the Oju Omi cleansing mud compliment each other beautifully. The balm is soothing and gorgeously moisturising without leaving your skin feeling greasy or clogged. It has an enticing scent and a luxury feel when applying to the skin and leaves the face feeling plump, like it's had a big glass of water. I have terribly dry and painful cracked lips during the winter and put a little of this on and it works wonders also!
The Oju Omi cleansing mud feels like a natural spa facial. Not drying at all, a lovely deep cleanse when my skin is feeling like it needs a detox. Abi and Liha, your products are a step above, I am so excited for the future.