Transitional layers for your skin

Transitional layers for your skin

May 11, 2017Abi oye
We wouldn’t trade it for the world, but the weather in England is even more unpredictable than ever at this time of year. With any luck well all be getting our legs out pretty soon, so we put together a little guide to making sure your legs are looking A1 come summer.

My favourite thing to do is to take a really indulgent morning bath on a weekend, adding in some Jason Aloe Vera pure natural body wash, I also add in a splash of Idan oil, and a few drops of whatever essential oil I am vibing on that day. At the moment its Bergamot.

Really try and take some time out and relax at this point; read a book, watch a bad movie, listen to music, or just try and shut off your brain for a while.

Once I start to get pruney, I scrub my skin with Nuxe Reve de Miel Gommage that I discovered lurking in the aisles of City Pharma recently or sometimes I will use our homemade recipe.

The best thing for skin is to air dry, ideally as there is no friction or moisture loss, so lounge around naked for a while if you can. If not, towel off and then apply Idan oil all over focusing on elbows, knees and souls of feet - It will be warm by now and feel amazing! Leave this to soak in completely and then add a layer of Gold Shea butter. Allow this to soak in then put on the comfiest pair of trousers you can find. This year I have been obsessed with finding pyjama style pants that are smart enough for most occasions. These ones from Monki are the best I have found yet:

Et voila! The vitamins A and E in the Shea butter will add an extra layer of moisture and protect skin lipids, whilst the scrub and coconut oil underneath will have made the perfect base and be working hard to provide essential moisture. Do this as often as you can before summer and see the difference.

Liha x

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