Stay Positive and Stress-Free with These Simple Tips

Stay Positive and Stress-Free with These Simple Tips

May 04, 2021Abi oye

If you feel like there’s always something to worry about, you’re not alone. Stress often seems like a constant in life but there are simple ways to counter it. By prioritizing self-care and challenging negative patterns of thought and behavior you can send your stress packing and achieve a more positive mindset.

It takes time and practice to change your outlook on life, but these X tips will help you relieve stress and learn how to stay positive.

  1. Create a calming morning routine

We all have days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but it’s important to start your day on a positive note if you want to keep stress at bay. Begin your day with a 15-minute meditation session or 30 minutes of yoga. If you’re not into either of those options, choose something you enjoy that makes you feel at peace. Take the time to prepare a healthy breakfast, visit your local coffee shop, or listen to your favorite podcast on the drive into work.

  1. Engage in social interaction every day

There may be times when the people in your life become a source of stress, but social isolation and loneliness can be just as damaging to your mental health. Make an effort to interact with other people on a daily basis, even if it’s something as simple as a quick phone call. Meet a friend to chat over your lunch break or host a virtual happy hour with friends if you’re not comfortable with in-person interaction. If you simply don’t have the energy for anything else, send a text or email to connect.

  1. Prioritize self-care throughout the week

You may not have time to indulge yourself in a lengthy self-care routine on a daily basis but try to work it in a few times a week. Self-care doesn’t have to be anything complicated – it just needs to be something you enjoy that you’re doing for no one but yourself. Settle down with a good book or light a Queen Idia Candle and soak in a hot bath. Indulge in an at-home spa day with the Luxury Layers collection or treat yourself to a long shower and a leave-in hair conditioning treatment with Idan Oil.

  1. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

When stress starts to eat away at you it’s easy to fall into negative patterns of thought. Challenge negative self-talk when you notice your mood starting to slip and make an effort to focus on the positive. Even if you can’t find the positive in a specific situation, there are bound to be things in your life you have to be grateful for. Start a gratitude journal or make a list of things you’re thankful for and review it when you’re struggling with stress or negativity.

  1. Make an effort to make others smile

We can’t all be in a good mood all the time, so when you’re struggling to see the silver lining in the rainclouds overhead, take yourself out of the spotlight for a moment. Rather than focusing on yourself and what you’re stressing about, turn your thoughts outward and take a moment to do something nice for someone else. The simple act of making someone else smile can turn your attitude around. At the very least, it will give you a moment to focus on something other than your own worries.

  1. Make an investment in your mental health

It’s all too easy to fall into a habit of negative thoughts and behaviors. If you’re struggling to overcome anxiety or depression, it may not be something you can conquer entirely on your own. Do yourself a favor and make an investment in your mental health by reaching out for professional help. A therapist or psychiatrist can help you identify negative patterns of thought and teach you coping mechanisms that may help you reduce your stress and put you on a path toward positivity.

We all struggle with negative thoughts from time to time, especially when stress is at an all-time high. If life is getting you down and you’re looking for a solution, you may not have to go as far as you think to find it. Simply by making an effort to improve your outlook on life and challenging negative thoughts you can reduce your stress levels and start feeling more positive.

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  • This is a very simple, straightforward version of a few things I have been reading of late. I think having practical things to implement is really helpful. I think also, alongside this excellent tips, should be the overriding reminder of: ‘it is winter, this too shall pass’. We forget how much the cold and lack of light affects us over the winter months in the northern hemisphere.

    Charlotte Smith-Stephen

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