LIHA Beauties meet Cassi Namoda

LIHA Beauties meet Cassi Namoda

Another day, another stunning LA babe that we've been big fans of for quite some time. This globe trotting artist has gathered her skincare routine from the multitude of places she's lived and visited. Her creativity, fresh perspective and wisdom inspires us and we KNOW it will inspire you too. Vogue, who recently wrote about her global beauty routine, are big fans too.

Read her interview below and check her out on Instagram for major artistic inspiration & another LIHA giveaway in the coming days to celebrate our Oju Omi launch!


How did your love for skincare and/or beauty start?

I think my love for skincare and self care has always been there from a very young age. I always noticed the way my mother would take slow time to take care of herself. And I was always very conscious about products and reading labels. I became vegan when I was quite young because I wanted to have only pure ingredients in my body. I later was introduced to Ayurvedic traditions and traditional indigenous self-care routines living in East Africa and traveling all around Africa. I took note how all the local woman took care of themselves using Shea in Swaziland, Mussiro in Mozambique, Moringa in Kenya. They all shared these ingredients and I started making homemade hair masks and face masks. I would go to the local markets and find my things. It’s really something you do out of love and enjoyment.

Describe your skincare routine.

My skincare routine is not that complicated. I have been in LA now 2 years and the weather is very dry and harsh for me. So I had to switch out a couple of my go-to's that did not apply anymore. I face mask every day. I use a simple aloe or rose water toner. I massage my face and use a jade roller whenever I can. And I exfoliate 3-4 times a week. I also wash my face with a very simple rose or egg white soap.

How important is using natural skincare products/brands to you?

I love using natural skin care because I eat natural and organic, so anything I wouldn’t eat, I probably wouldn’t use! I love ISUN skin care - I pay attention to brand philosophy. I also love Wise Way herbal products.

What is your holy grail can’t-live-without-it skincare product?

My can’t live without skincare product would probably be my Shatavari Rose Balm - all purpose for breasts specifically, but also great as a lip balm, eye balm and more.. it’s so good and relaxes me. I also love sesame oil, I use it on my scalp and body to calm me down after a busy day.

Are there any DIY/homemade skin care/beauty solutions you’ve tried that you’d recommend?

I love making a turmeric face mask, with yogurt or collagen peptides powder.. maybe some chlorella in there too! Or really just break an aloe leaf open.. walking around with that on feels so yummy and soothing.

We’re a big fan of slow living & self-care. What do you do on a regular basis to promote either of these in your own life?

I dry brush, it makes me feel so connected because I am taking care of my biggest organ. I also love the ritual of bathing. I've been using Dr.Singha's mustard bath to help with stress and sinuses (dry LA) and also Ashwagandha oil in my bath. I can meditate really well when I am in the bath.

What is your favorite LIHA product & why?

I LOVE LIHA Shea butters - both ivory and gold. I'm a huge Shea enthusiast and am aware of its healing purposes. It's also so amazing for stiff sore muscles which is great after a heavy yoga session!

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