A Guide to Flame Gazing Meditation

A Guide to Flame Gazing Meditation

Nov 08, 2023Abi oye

As we dive headfirst into candle season, here's a LIHA tip to quiet the mind and foster a practice of mindfulness.

Here's a concise guide:

Play uplifting music or frequencies (852 hz is great). Sit comfortably, light the candle, and take deep breaths. Focus on the flame and your breath. When distracted, simply return your focus to the flame. This helps calm a busy mind and brings you back to the present.

  1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and get comfortable.

  2. Gently open your eyes and focus on the flame of the candle.

  3. Let the image of the flame envelop you, permeating your mind and breath. Visualise yourself inhaling and exhaling the flame, gently.

  4. When you become distracted just watch the flame, and watch your thoughts go by with it. Distance yourself from ‘monkey mind’ and come back to the present.
  5. Remember to limit sessions to 3-4 minutes and feel free to close your eyes and rest whenever you need to.

 We highly recommend Queen Idia for enhancing focus and concentration, and Idan Tuberose Candle for inducing relaxation.

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