Asé Goddess Rollerballs

Big Goddess Energy

Oct 16, 2020Abi oye

ASE is the Yoruba principal of making things happen and producing change, so we’re super excited to launch the ASE Natural Fragrance Rollerballs range.

Inspired by the Goddesses of the Yoruba pantheon, we’ve created these little bottles of energy for you to play with day or night. Read on for the fragrance breakdown to see which mood you’re feeling.

OSHUN: Sensual

Oshun is the goddess of fresh waters and is associated with acts of creation and fertility because of course, water nurtures everything. Swimming in the ocean is one of those things that makes you feel so much more in tune with the earth, perhaps even more like yourself, and we’d like to think the OSHUN fragrance will do exactly the same. Associated with yellow, gold and bronze, rich and warm tones.

Sweet Orange: For a dose of warmth and happiness that just makes you feel good all over. Sweet Orange is a natural anti-depressant and orange oil itself has been used in various anti-depression medications for years. As little as five minutes exposure to this scent can improve mood and enhance motivation.

Jasmine Absolute: This is where the sensual box gets ticked. For centuries master perfumers, including Chanel, have included Jasmine in their iconic perfumes because of its aphrodisiac qualities. Said to increase blood flow, blood oxygen saturation and our breathing rate, you can definitely set pulses racing with this one.

Ylang Ylang: Heady, aromatic and flowery, Ylang Ylang is a tropical species often used as a top note in many popular perfumes, including Chanel No5. Also said to be an aphrodisiac that boosts your mood too.


OYA: Uplifting

Oya is the Yoruba Orisha of the winds and storms. She is strength personified, and an agent of change, which is why we had to create a fragrance that lived up to her big energy. Associated with rich, regal tones of purple and copper.

Grapefruit: When you want to relieve stress and balance your mood, this is exactly what you need. Breathe deep and imagine those stresses and strains melting away as you swipe this over your pulse points.

Juniper Berry: Juniper has taken on an almost mythical, magical legend, and has been mentioned as far back as ancient Egyptian papyri. Said to ward off aches and pains as well as negative energy, it has a fruity, fresh scent.

Rosemary: Thought to improve brain function and concentration, Rosemary has a herbaceous, citrus scent.



Considered the ‘mother of all’, Yemoja is associated with calm and comfort. Motherly and strongly protective, she is said to be able to cure infertility. Associated with the iridescent blues and greens of the peacock.

Petitgrain: Fresh, floral and herbaceous, Petitgrain is derived from the bitter orange tree. Said to be perfect for creating a relaxed environment that gives comfort.

Frankincense: Think rich, warm and spicy and you’ll understand how the scent of Frankincense might envelop and nurture you. For centuries it has been valued for its relaxing ability to enhance meditation and lessen feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

Ylang Ylang: As mentioned before, Ylang Ylang has aphrodisiac qualities, but in the Yemoja blend it adds a beautiful floral tone and lowers blood pressure, leaving you chilled and calm.


Mix and match to suit your mood
Throughout the course of a single day, each one us can feel every type of emotion. What’s most important is to listen to how we feel, and bring in tools that help us either deal with those feelings, or enhance them. While each of our new Natural Fragrance Rollerballs stands strong alone, they also complement one another, which is why we decided to sell them as a trio. Be sure to let us know your favourite blend over on Instagram and feel free to tag us @lihabeauty using #LIHARollerballs.

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