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For a limited time only, Abi and Liha will be hosting their online kitchen beauty workshops via the Zoom video conference platform. Throughout the online class you will learn the benefits of the formulas for bases using Shea butter and coconut oil, and the fundamentals of making aromatherapy perfumes and tinctures and take away your own handmade natural body butter, lotions, and scrubs of your choice.  

The sessions aim to give you the confidence to go off an experiment with home-made recipes and with your new creative skill you will never be short of some self-care on a rainy afternoon again. 

Date & Time: Sunday 2nd August @ 7.30pm (UK time)
Class Time: approx 45 minutes                                                                            Location: Comfort of your own home via Zoom

What you will need: 

  • Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Empty jar
  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil 
  • Essential oils of your choice or your favourite perfume/fragrance.

     These workshops have been held IRL at Soho House, The Wing, and in collaboration with Adidas. We have also been featured on Channel 4 and BBC Business Live.

    •  Who is Welcome: Available to everyone, beginners and enthusiasts alike!
    • What you leave with: A lovely fun experience, new friends, knowledge of some new cultures, and a multipurpose balm or scrub made from scratch with your own bespoke natural fragrance.

    We will start with a short introduction and expand on the Yoruba principles of Asé, slow living and my personal take on self-care, and the healing powers of Shea butter, described by US Vogue as 'Africa's Best Kept Beauty Secret'.

    Guests will have been emailed an illustrated guide to aromatherapy, base middle, and top notes and we will talk through the characteristics of each. We will explain how we are going to make the products, our favourite books on the subject, and field any questions.

    The Making will begin. During this time we will all chat about our choices, what we will use the product for, and the benefits of each individual choice. (20 mins)

    Q and A: I will answer any questions about skin concerns/ how to scale a business from your kitchen!

    Don't worry if you have never made your own cosmetics by hand before or if you don't know anything about Aromatherapy. That's what this experience is for! You will see how simple the basics are and learn a skill that will be with you for life that you can build on as you choose.


     We take influences from Liha’s English aromatherapist mother and both of our Yoruba heritage, the creations that we make are natural, organic, handmade, multipurpose, and unique.

    A key part of our philosophy is slow living, self-care, and trying to be supportive of those aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle. A big part of that is showing people how to use what they already have at home and how to refill our old and half-empty bottles and jars.

    All workshop attendees will receive a 20% discount to use online.

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