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Our wildcrafted small-batch kit is a great way to sample the LIHA collection as well as making a lovely gift set and travel companion.

The kit includes;
  • 15ml Idan oil
  • 15ml Shea Butter
  • 100g Queen Idia Candle; African Moss
  • 25g Ose Gidi Black Soap (Handmade)
  • Cotton Travel Bag


Idan is the Yoruba word for magic, which is the only word to describe our sublime moisturising oil. Made with natural, cold pressed coconut oil immersed in Tuberose flower. As well as smelling divine, Tuberose has naturally warming and aphrodisiac qualities. We love to use this for absolutely everything from facial oil to leave in hair conditioner, or if we are feeling really indulgent, slathering it head to toe before bed and rinsing off in the morning for truly silky fragranced skin. Some customers have even been known to decant it and use as a solid perfume.


Raw. Organic. One ingredient. 100% ethically sourced. Fragrance Free.

Vegan Shea butter is the ultimate African beauty secret. Used for centuries by women to protect and regenerate the skin, its potency lies in its naturally high concentration of A and E. A multi-purpose moisturiser for all skin types, it can be used on dry areas, stretch marks, scars, as a nappy balm, or as a base for making your own natural cosmetics.

QUEEN IDIA CANDLE, African Moss (100g)

18 hours burn time. Our candle is made from a clean burning coconut wax blend and has a cotton wick. African Moss has base notes of Geranium and Frankincense, top note of Lavender and hibiscus invoke the fragrance of soft African Moss. Our inspiration was the famous Yoruba Queen Idia, a symbol of female empowerment and proof of ancient matriarchal societies. The myth tells of two medicine-filled incisions on her forehead that were the source of her metaphysical power.


Ose Gidi is a luxurious handmade black soap with exfoliating and deep cleansing properties. Our Vegan formula of organic Shea butter Coconut and Hemp oils form a superior moisturising base rich in Vitamins A an E. Roasted plantain skins offer a natural alternative to lye. Suitable for daily use on body, twice weekly as a facial exfoliant.

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