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Raw. One ingredient. Ethically sourced. Fragrance Free. Vegan.

Nigerian Shea butter is the ultimate African beauty secret. Used for centuries by women to protect and regenerate the skin, its potency lies in its naturally high concentration of A and E.

A multi-purpose moisturiser for all skin types, it can be used on dry areas, stretch marks, scars, as a nappy balm, or as a base for making your own natural cosmetics.

Our Nigerian Gold Shea comes from Abi’s dad’s town and is waxy in texture. With a little more moisturising power than the Ivory, this is a favourite among our customers who suffer from eczema. The natural fragrance is more earthy and has notes of clean soil.


Shea Butter is known for its high content of fatty acids and its naturally occurring content of Vitamins A and E. Traditionally used as a “cure-all” balm, with women in Africa using it on everything from stretch marks and scars to babies' bums. An excellent natural alternative to petroleum jelly.

Suggested uses:

Face: Shea butter is rich so use it on dry patches on your face or has a 10-15mins face mask or a DIY overnight mask depending on your skin type.  Use to treat chapped lips and an aftersun treatment.

Body: All over body butter - great for really dry areas especially hands, feet, elbow.  Has been known to help skin conditions like eczema. Also, use it as a base to make your own creations.

Baby: Made from one natural vegan ingredient so it’s great for babies and kids. 100% safe. Use for nappy rash, moisturiser, belly balm.

We use top quality, ethically sourced Ghanaian, and Nigerian Shea butter.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Shea butter. 

How To Use

All you need is a small amount, let it melt between your hands and apply everywhere - body, face, feet, and hands.

Please note:

Psoriasis suffers are advised to patch test before use as Shea butter encourages the regeneration of skin cells. People with psoriasis have an increased production of skin cells resulting in the build-up which is what is associated with psoriasis.

Shea butter contains natural latex, although reactions to Shea butter are quite rare please be aware of possible allergic reaction.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea Butter)

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for face

I use the Gold as a moisturiser on my skin and I love it. Warms up in your hand, not crumbly and just super smooth. I know it’s gonna last a while too. I’ll definitely be returning when I finish and also looking at other products too :)

Katherine Cummings
Poor packaging

I typically buy Liha gold (which I love and believe has just about cured my eczema) through matchesfashion.com but this time I bought it directly. When it arrived, 4 of the tops were off the jars. One top was broken and the bits of black plastic were stuck in the butter. I had to scrape that out. There was not nearly enough padding/packaging within the box to prevent this breakage and clearly, Liha doesn’t believe in screwing the tops fully on to the jars as four were unattached. I kept the broken top jar for myself as I obviously can’t give it as a gift as I intended. It sits on my vanity with cellophane and a rubber band for its top. I’m very very disappointed.

The best Shea around !

The Liha gold Shea is the best Shea butter I’ve ever bought. It smells nutty and hearty and when you massage it into your skin it feels like it’s doing good instantly. It’s become part of my every day routine and helps me love my body and my self.

Lorna Strachan
The best body butter around

I adore this product! I’m a body butter addict and this and the ivory butters are hands down the best products I’ve ever tried. Sinks into the skin and hydrates fantastically!

Gold for Gold!!

I love the Gold Shea Butter, it is so light and also deeply moisturising! I use it daily and often use it on my partners dry patches, he would not normally like moisturiser, but he also loves it!