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4 DIY raw Shea Butter skincare recipes

4 Raw Shea Butter Skincare Recipes

Raw shea butter is one of our favourite ultimate beauty secrets. All it takes is some simple, DIY time to bring this nourishing ingredient straight from the Earth, to meeting... Read More
LIHA Cleansing Balm

Skin-to-Skin: What African Traditions Teach Us About Facial Massage & Self Care

Traditions from African massage have much to teach us about making sure the methods and tools we use in our daily face and skincare rituals truly imbue self-love. Raw Shea... Read More
African Beauty Secrets

A Brief History on Traditional African Beauty “Secrets” That the Western World Uses Today

  The rich culture of Yoruba beauty traditions has been used over centuries and has never halted in its usefulness. Long before the worldwide Eurocentric beauty standard, the beauty of... Read More

Small Vegan Steps - Veganuary

It’s Veganuary and as I type I’m munching on nuts as opposed to my favourite digestive biscuits you would usually find well positioned on my desk. I’ve been flirting with... Read More